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Propecia Dosage, While Facebook has become a part of just about every Walt & Company client program, the question of Facebook ROI continues.  Specifically, what’s a “Like” worth? 

In a recent Forbes article Jon Bruner found some interesting numbers…

“Lots of marketing types have tried to peg the value of a Facebook fan. Their methods and estimates vary widely, get Propecia, Propecia alternatives, reflecting the new-and-unsettled nature of Facebook marketing: Group-sales service ChompOn found that the average Facebook “share” led to $14 in sales at the company’s website. Vitrue, Propecia cost, Buy Propecia no prescription, a consultancy, figures that bringing a customer on as a fan is worth between 44 cents and $3.60 in increased sales from the engagement that Facebook encourages.”

Earlier this year, generic Propecia, Propecia pictures, Eventbrite, a company that enables people to plan, Propecia treatment, Propecia pics, promote, and sell out events, Propecia coupon, What is Propecia, compared Tweets to Likes, and the Likes kicked butt:  the average tweet about an event drove 80 cents in ticket sales; however, Propecia long term, Propecia without a prescription, the average Like drove sales by $1.34.

However, Propecia interactions, Propecia mg, like valuing any currency, it’s unlikely that all Likes have the same value.  Clearly the Eventbrite Likes would be valued very differently, Propecia duration, than let’s say BMW’s Likes.  In addition, the value of any company’s Likes are most likely variable or even temporary at best.  If Likes spike based on good news, e.g., The San Francisco Giants win the World Series, are those Likes worth the same thing the following year when they don’t win their division? 

With 800 million active users, Facebook is unquestionably the superpower of the social media world.  However, unlike the US and our dollars, it may be a little early to consider Likes the standard international currency.


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